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The personalized VIVERE180 program brings you:

In just 21 days you will see noticeable results.

Increase in endurance performance

VIVERE180 noticeably increases your endurance performance in just 21 days.

Optimization of insulin resistance

With VIVERE180 you reduce the risk of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Improvement of daily energy levels and sleep quality

Your VIVERE180 program increases your quality of life and confidence.

Science-medical background knowledge

With VIVERE180 we give you a scientific-medical insight into the world of healthy and carbohydrate-optimized nutrition.

Guide to diet optimization

With your guide from VIVERE180 you get all the important information at hand that is necessary for your personal success.

Faster regeneration in training processes

With VIVERE180, your regeneration is noticeably improved in the training process and you will notice your fitness level to go up!

with your vivere180 program

Increase metabolic health, reduce risk of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin resistance (intolerance to metabolize sugar and carbohydrates) is a major cause of the development of Type 2 diabetes as well as obesity and high blood pressure.

An individually programmed amount of carbohydrates in the daily diet reduces the risk of developing these metabolic diseases. On top of it, the course of the disease can be significantly improved or even be made reversible.

Which program is the right for you?

With our various and individualized VIVERE180 programs, we adapt to your individual situation and your specific goals.

VIVERE180 – Kickstarter 

Our lifestyle program for everyone who wants to try and to become familiar with a carbohydrate-optimized diet.

VIVERE180 – Premium Coaching

 Metabolic Health

The perfect program for everyone who is ready for health lifestyle change with individualized carbohydrate-optimized nutrition.

VIVERE180 – Premium Coaching 


The optimal program for fitness, health and endurance athletes who want to increase their endurance performance and set new training goals.

VIVERE180 – Premium Mentoring

Metabolic Health

The top of range program for individual weight and health optimization that include all exclusive advantages and benefits from the VIVERE180 world.

VIVERE180 – Premium Mentoring 


The top of range program for individual Training and Endurance performance optimization that include all exclusive advantages and benefits from the VIVERE180 world

We are already convinced of VIVERE180!

I am very impressed with the information and guidance Vivere180 offers to reduce insulin resistance and improve my health. They answer questions easily and explain things in a way that everyone can understand. I finally feel that I can achieve my goal of regaining my health and losing weight!


Insulin control & weight optimization

I was finally able to lose weight! I bought the Vivere180 Premium Coaching and it was the best purchase I have ever made for my health. ...

My Vivere180 coach has been very helpful in solving problems, giving me great advice on how to overcome my health and weight loss problems.

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Insulin control & weight optimization

I love our weekly meetings! There is nothing like having a trainer! Having a coach and the support in this program means you don't have to do this on your own. It also means that you don't have to find out all the information on your own, but have someone to answer your questions and make things easier! This program is well worth the time and money!


Insulin control & weight optimization

The Vivere180 coaching helped me to achieve a balance of performance, health and enjoyment in my sport. Vivere180 conveys the science of training in combination with nutrition in practical and easily understandable information in the online coaching sessions. Everything you need to find the optimal balance between performance, nutrition, health and enjoyment.


Endurance athlete

I started Vivere180 Premium Coaching to learn more about the interaction between training and nutrition. An additional bonus for me is the online coaching and the exchange with other athletes. I've learned how to coordinate my diet with my daily workouts so I can get the most out of my workout. The "hunger bastion" that accompanied me all the time is over.


Endurance athlete

Vivere180 coaching is a really good thing. The measurement of ketones is particularly helpful for a structured diet - so I know exactly how my body reacts and what it needs. I am very satisfied and happy with the VIVERE180 program. The weekly coach meetings give you a lot of qualified input to work with.


Endurance athlete

VIVERE180 – Our programs

We adapt our programs to your individual goals!

VIVERE180 – For athletes

VIVERE180 – Metabolic Health

 VIVERE180 –
*Premium Coaching*

for a better metabolic health

 VIVERE180 –
*Premium Mentoring*

for a better metabolic health

We'll show you how you can achieve your goals with VIVERE180.

Our own experience as an endurance athlete with a carbohydrate-optimized lifestyle was the beginning of the introduction of Vivere180.

With the help of well-known nutritionists, we have developed our unique VIVERE180 program, which guarantees you optimal health and fitness.

You benefit from our many years of experience as a sports scientist and the care of various professional athletes from endurance sports as well as through the close cooperation with the medical centre GL8 in Burscheid.

Not ready for your success yet?

Arrange your personal consultation NOW and we will clarify all open questions with you and advise you personally on your individual VIVER180 program.


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